Only 4 Kanye West Fans Out Of 40,000 Received Free Vaccine Offered

The headlines read: VACCINE FAIL! ...but we can't help but wonder...

So, reportedly, only 4 out of 40,000 fans in attendance at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium for the DONDA listening party took the free Pfizer vaccine being offered. But does this automatically mean Kanye West fans are anti-vaxxers? The headlines can be misleading – what if most of the 40,000 in attendance already got vaccinated? No news on that was released.

Kanye West (who has yet to release DONDA, smh) isn't the only artist trying a similar strategy. Garth Brooks recently attempted to get his fans to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at his event but only 35 out of 70,000 in attendance took the shot, which included upgraded seats.

YIKES! ...or misinformation? Hmm.

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