Britney Spears: Dad Hires New Legal Team, Sister's Donation Returned

The jig is up for the Spears family! The ones against Britney, anyway...

Jamie Spears has reportedly changed his legal strategy now that the lawyer representing the Pop icon is more aggressive. Britney's dad has fired the attorney present since the origin of the conservatorship – Vivian Lee Thoreen.

Even Britney's sister Jamie Lynn Spears is feeling the #FreeBritney sting lately! The fanbase successfully pressured the non-profit geared towards ending the stigma behind "mental illness and addiction," This Is My Brave, from receiving the percentage of proceeds from the sales of Brit's sister's forthcoming book, Things I Should Have Said.

On the topic, Jamie Lynn reportedly said this:

“Maybe I didn’t support her the way the public would like me to, with a hashtag on a public platform, but I can assure you, I’ve supported my sister long before there was a hashtag, and I’ll support her long after.”

Remember, it was just about a week ago when Britney posted to her IG a pretty formal threat that her family should be careful to watch out for a tell-all interview. We're thinking it'll be just as shocking as the bombshell Prince Harry and Meghan Markle interview with Oprah.

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