Girls In Davie Set Up Lemonade Stand For COPS

Delaney and Jennah are the daughters of two South Florida Police officers. The girls wanted to do something nice for the community so they put their minds together and told their parents they wanted to put up a lemonade stand. They said they wanted to donate their proceeds to the organization COPS, which stands for “Concerns of Police Survivors.” This nonprofit organization provides resources to families of officers who have been killed in the line of duty.

Without hesitation, the parents jumped right in to help. And when the Davie Police Department heard of what the girls were doing, they also wanted to make sure word got out. The department helped promote Delaney and Jennah’s fundraising efforts on Twitter.


Davie Police also sent three officers to show support. The officers posed for a picture with the girls at the lemonade stand. 

The girls’ dads said they have always shown their kindness to others, and they’ve got a great future ahead. Unfortunately, due to the rain on Sunday, the girls were forced to close early but did manage to make about $170.

For more information on COPS and how you can help, click here.

Photo by: Davie Police Department


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