Vanessa From Bachelor Is An Actress And I'm Broken

First of all I'm about to lose my man-card for this.  Secondly, if you're not watching the Bachelor you're missing out on the best TV show on network television.  There I said it.  Now let's get down to business..

Who is Vanessa? (thought you'd never ask) America loves Vanessa.  In part because there's some straight loons on the show this season (Corrine, etc.) and partially because Vanessa is perfect.  She's a special ed teacher, bilingual, well spoken, and she's hot.  Everything is perfect about Vanessa and then BOOM.. bomb shell dropped:


Vanessa is an actress!  Real Bachelor fans know that if you're an actor/actress and on a TV show about dating.. 9 times out of 10 you're on the show in attempts to wooo the producers for your next role. But that's not the real reason this breaks my cold-heart.  I'll tell you why.. Because if it comes out that she's an actress and Nick sends her home like the savage she is.. we're stuck with 3.  Corrine who I'm convinced is a plant from the producers to stir the pot and keep the show spicy.  Rachel, who is legit but I'm 98% sure she'll be the next Bachelorette.  And Raven, who Nick doesn't even seem to like.  Although I wouldn't be mad at her being the next Bachelorette either.  

Either way, if Vanessa would've come out and said "hey guys, I've spent a few years as an actress" I wouldn't be so butt-hurt but she clearly tried to hide it.  Not good Vanessa.  American now has trust issues about you..



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