Teen Sells Her Virginity For $2.5 Million

Geez.. where to start!?  Never really understood virgin lovers.  Like, I get it.  Everyone's philosophy in the perfect 'partner' is different.  Personally, I'm not looking for an '85 Oldsmobile with 200,000 miles on it, nor do I want a brand new Mercedes Benz that hasn't been broken in yet.  Something right in between would be ideal for me.  2013-16 Jetta will do just fine, but to each their own..

Let's break it down like this.  I've never cooked a day in my life.  Not a fan of cooking, love take-out.  One day, I finally decide to cook my first home-cooked meal.  Here's the kicker.  I'm selling that first home-cooked meal for the extremely affordable and non-refundable price of 2.5 million euro's (1.7 mil U.S.) Totally seems worth it.  Right?  Wrong!  

The sad part about it is that someone will paid it and now she'll never have to work a day in her life.  Let's just hope it doesn't start a viral "virgin challenge".  This teen is out of her virgin-mind.. where are her parents?! 



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