Michael B. Jordan Offers To Replace Girl's Retainer

If you've seen Black Panther you remember that scene vividly. It wasn't challenge day anymore but Killmonger came to avenge his father and take the throne from T'Challa. 

For some people that scene was iconic because it was the moment Killmonger aka Michael B. Jordan took his shirt off

It was at that moment that 18 year old Sophia clenched her teeth so hard with excitement that she snapped the wire on her retainer forcing her to make an emergency appointment with her orthodontist who posted on tumblr about it 😂

Orthodontist Black Panther Tumblr

Orthodontist Black Panther Tumblr

Well Sophia later found out that her Orthodontist exposed her to the world!!!

It went viral and got so much attention that Michael B. Jordan saw it and now he wants to help Sophia out!

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