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Public Version of Twitter is at Risk of Breaking Tonight

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It appears this may be the end of Twitter after Elon Musk cleared out buildings and deactivated employees' badges restricting access.

In the past few days, Elon Musk has let a lot of people go from twitter while some have additionally left on their own following what they described as a harsh and toxic culture being ushered in.

Allegedly Elon is asking people to leave if they aren't prepared to work long hard hours....

According to some sources, the company notified employees on Thursday that they were closing its offices and cutting off badge access until Monday...

Even engineers, needed to fix any bugs that may come up, were asked to leave causing people to speculate that the platform would not be stable enough to continue running.

People quickly began to tweet about the end of Twitter as we know it with hashtags like #RIPTWITTER trending.

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