Neil Patrick Harris Family Halloween Costume Is Epic, Of Course

There's no denying that Neil Patrick Harris and his husband, David Burtka, are the Kings of Halloween. Every year they reveal their family's group Halloween costume on Instagram and every year they win the holiday. They've done some pretty epic costumes in the past, but this year's costume might just take the cake. Or, um, the Halloween candy? You know that I mean. 

Neil and David, as well as their 8-year-old twins Harper and Gideon, decided to go the spooky route this year by dressing up as the hitchhiking ghosts from Disney's The Haunted Mansion ride. "Welcome, foolish mortals. We hope your Halloween is happily haunted, but heed this warning: beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts!" David captioned the family's annual photo reveal, quoting some lines from the ride itself. 


For those who aren't familiar with Disney World and Disneyland, it appears that ghosts have joined parkgoers cars at the end of The Haunted Mansion ride. "The Hitchhiking Ghosts were actually some of the final ghoulish ‘residents’ that were added into the plans for The Haunted Mansion,” the Disney Park Blog explains. "The three hitchhikers were designed as a traveler with a top hat and carpetbag, a tall skeletal figure and a fuzzy bearded fellow carrying a ball and chain. The three were later dubbed Ezra, Gus, and Phineas by fans."

Neil, David, and Gideon are dressed up as Ezra, Gus, and Phineas, while Harper is dressed up as the black widow bride Constance. She is considered to be the most villainous character encountered on by park goers on The Haunted Mansion. Constance had five husbands "however, each was murdered after the wedding by the deadly bride, decapitated with a hatchet so that she could claim their inheritance," according to the Haunted Mansion wiki. Harper is pictured with the famous hatchet. 

Happy Halloween!

Photo: Getty


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