Men Reveal The Dumbest Reason They Broke Up With A Woman

In a recent Reddit thread, guys share the dumbest reason they broke up with a girl:

And boy are they pretty bad....i think it's safe to say it'll be VERY hard for any of  them to find love! Good luck boys! 

1. “Bad at bowling.” He says she also refused to take pointers, which frustrated him.

2. “If she has no interest in video games or anime.” Sounds like he’s happier spending his weekends alone with his game system, and the girl he dumped because of it must be, too.

3. “She didn’t have perfect ankles.” What exactly are perfect ankles? And who cares about a person's ankles? Just this guy, apparently.

4. “She likes to watch TV.” Most people do. Crazy, right?

5. “Her Nikes were fake.” Listen, pal. Being a woman can be expensive, so to save money, we cut costs when we can.

6. “When she would watch something that she DVR'd and not fast forward through the commercials.” Annoying? Sure! But it's hardly a reason to end a relationship.

Mack & Letty B


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